For Your Valentine’s

So it’s that wonderful time of year again, where single women are trying to forget what’s going on, and women who are in relationships are fantasizing magical expectations for their hot dates they hope they’ll be going on.  Whichever you are, no judgement of course.

There is, however, nothing wrong with looking great for the day…whether it’s to make yourself feel better or to look smokin’ hot for your love.  Here are some of my favorite new items with outfit ideas… with just a little splash of red for festivities sake.

All these outfit are from Forever 21!  Each entire outfit is around $100!

I love the cute little red dress and the small gold details in the jewelry.  The nude shoes are perfectly on trend…strappy, chic, and 4 inch heel.  I added a jacket just in case you get cold!   The rings are great because they are all separate bands;  you can wear one on each finger, looks super chic!

(Click on the pictures to take you straight to buy any of them!)

This outfit is a little more casual, but is just enough to show you know what’s going on.  I love these trousers with these ankle strap pointy shoes.  The masculinity of the baseball jacket mixed with the femininity of the blouse is also great!  Just a little pop of red in the bag!  You could also do red shoes instead!

(Click on the pictures to take you straight to buy any of them!)

This a little boho inspired outfit.  I love the red jumpsuit.  Love the pockets!  The sweater gives it a more casual vibe, but still very feminine.  This laid back, understated, beautiful, and elegant outfit is a perfect balance.  Everyone will be jealous of you.

I’d like to think that the same girl could wear any of these outfits on a different day, I mean, I would!  I hope you like them as much as I do!  Have the best Valentine’s Day ever.  In the long run, single or attached, it doesn’t matter how the day goes, as long as you feel great about yourself.  Know that you are fabulous!  If you dress anything like these, you will be, no doubt!  XOXO

Forever 21

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