THE Shoes to wear with Maxi Skirts

What shoes are best to wear with maxi skirts?

I recently got asked this question.  If one person asked it, I’m sure many more of you have wondered the same thing.  Good thing I am here to answer your questions!  I think you have quite a few options.

The shoes you’ll decide on depend on the length, first and foremost.  A maxi skirt should barely brush the floor, it will elongate you the most, if it’s at this length.  So you want to make sure you choose a shoe that going to give you the right height.  There is an exception to this rule if the skirt is meant to be at your ankle, see below.  Then, it is ok for it not to touch the floor, obviously.  Make sure it is at an obviously “ankle length”, ok?  You don’t want people to be wondering if you’re waiting for a flood.  Here are my suggestions:

Causal Maxi Skirts:

You can wear sandals, some chucks, or maybe some cool combat boots.  This skirt is a little short, but I like way the outfit is styled.

(Skirt: Forever 21 $22.80, Shoes: Nordstrom – Sam Edelman $64.95, Chucks $74.95)

Dressy Maxi Skirts:

When the skirt is full length, meaning it touches the floor, a strappy sandal will look best.

(Skirt: Forever 21 $24.80, Shoes: Nordstrom – Vince Camuto $118.95, Sam Edelman $149.95)

Ankle Length Maxi Skirts:

With these you are going to want to wear a high heeled strappy sandal like these options.  The more foot that shows, the better.

(Skirt: Forever 21 $24.80, Shoes: Nordstrom – Steve Madden $99.95, Joie $275.00)


Well thanks to @eliss_wonderland on Instagram who asked this question!  I hope I helped!

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