How To Wear: A Sweatshirt (the chic way!)


I know what you’re thinking, it sounds crazy to tell someone how to wear a sweatshirt…BUT it is one of the latest and biggest trends.  It’s NOT the one you are wearing to the gym.  It’s the designer one.  The designer sweatshirt is definitely something you need to add to your wardrobe immediately.  There is a classy and updated way to wear them.  Let me show you how…


(from left to right:
Sub_Urban Riot ‘Good Vibes’ Raglan Sweatshirt
Whitney Eve ‘Blood Lily’ Laser Cut Sweatshirt
Junior Women’s Rip Curl ‘Shipwrecked’ Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt)

Here are my TIPS for wearing a sweatshirt:

1. Oversized.

  • They look best oversized.  Period.  Oversized, but not like “to your knees” oversized.  Just go up a size or two.

2. Graphic.

  • The ones that will set you apart from the “gym goers” are the ones that have a graphic on them.  Words like the ones below or something graphic is a good place to start.

3.  Let it be the only baggy thing you’re wearing.

  • I’ve said if before in some of my other posts.  Baggy with baggy is saggy.  No No No.  Wear slimmer jeans or shorts.

4.  Let it be the only active thing you’re wearing.

  • If you are wearing any other item that you’d wear to the gym, you’ll like you’ve just come from there.  Pair this sweatshirt with anything but a sports bra, leggings, active shorts, or running shoes.


(from left to right:

Wildfox ‘No Cardio’ Graphic Fleece Sweatshirt
Sub_Urban Riot ‘Take a Hike’ Raglan Sweatshirt
Chaser ‘I Love Vacation’ Pullover Sweatshirt)

These sweatshirts are also super cute with a flouncy skirt, skinny jeans, black skinny pants, over dresses, or some cut off jean shorts.  They are pretty versatile!  You want to dress them up a little, with a cute necklace and some heels.  You can also wear them casually too…pair them with some great jeans and your chucks (add a bit of jewelry or a cute side body bag so that you don’t look like a boy, unless you want to, which is totally fine too actually).

XOXO, Allie

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