How To Wear: A Bib Necklace

Here’s how to wear a “bib” necklace.  They are definitely a statement piece and are all the rage lately.  I LOVE them!  I’m all about making a statement with your jewelry once and a while, and a necklace like this, is the perfect way to do so.  A necklace can be described as a “bib” necklace when it is this shape and about 2 inches or more wide.  They’ll still vary a little, maybe with stones or metal pieces, but will all basically be this shape.  The “bib” necklace is also a little longer than a “collar” necklace.  A “bib” necklace will be about 18 in. long, where the “collar” necklace will be 14-16 in. long.  This “bib” necklace is Sophia 203 from ($415, click the picture to take you to the site).  I love colorful necklaces like this.  They best way to wear them is with neutral colors…black, white, cream…you get my drift.  I’d wear a big red necklace like this with a white top.  It’d make the necklace pop just the right way.  It’d be cute with jeans or other neutral colored pants too.

There are lots of beautiful necklaces out there.  Here are a few of my favorites…click the pictures to take you straight to buy them!

(left to right, – $495, – $68, – $250)

(These ones below are all from, left to right, $28 – $41 – $12)

Ok, so now for a few pointers on which shirts to wear with these.  It’s going to look best if your shirt/shirt collar doesn’t come up high enough to show through the top of the necklace.  Sooooo either wear a v-neck or scoop neck to make it look best…or…just make sure the necklace is fastened at the right level for your shirt.  Most of them are adjustable that way.  You can also wear a button up shirt, with a few buttons undone at the top with the necklace peeking through from underneath.  I wouldn’t put the necklace on top of a button up shirt unless you can button the shirt all the way up.  Then the necklace would act more as a collar necklace; this is also a super cute look!

I kind of like wearing a casual outfit and then a more dressy necklace.  I like the juxtaposition of it.  So here is my idea of an outfit like that…

This necklace is from Nordstrom ($68), and I like that it’s adjustable enough to be a “bib” necklace and a “collar” necklace.  Love it!  The clothes are all from Chicnova (V-neck $32, Leggings $16, Bag $31, Flats $54, Bracelet $10)  Click on the pictures to take you straight to buy them!

Here’s a dressy idea of an outfit with the same necklace (Nordstrom $68)!  All from Chicnova (Blouse $38, Pants $89, Shoes $200, Clutch $89, Bracelet $14).

Super cute ideas!  Buy one of these “bib” necklaces I picked out for you today!  I make it easy for you…happy shopping!  (Don’t forget about the holidays that are coming up!  These necklaces make great gifts!)


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