How To Wear: Black High Heel Peep Toe Booties

At first I was going to write a post on just Booties, then I realized there is too much to know, and too many variations of the Bootie these days!  So, I’ll cover them all, post by post.  Here is how to wear the Black High Heel Peep Toe Booties.  These are going to more dressy than casual and more than not, a bare foot, no sock or stocking. These ones from Steve Madden are great.  I even see the possibility of these being dressed down.  I’ve seen that a lot in the trends lately, to mix complete opposites, dressy and casual.  It just has to be done right, that would be a whole other post though.  We’ll leave that for another day, haha.
These booties that come up over your ankle a little more and are straight across the top (see a difference between this one and the one below) are harder to wear with skirts because they shorten your leg.  When you have a skirt on with these, your leg gets cut off where your skirt ends, but then also at the top of this shoe which is over your ankle.  It’s just going to make you look shorter as a whole.  Just keep your proportions in check.

These ones look better with leggings overall.  These might add an edgy look to a short mini dress that you’d wear to a club.  Keep it in the club though.
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These are also from Steve Madden, but Nordstrom carries them.  The little buckles are a big trend for fall.  I’ve seen them on ankle strap heels too!  So cute!

So because these are a little shorter bootie, it’ll show more of your leg, which will give you a better proportion with skirts or dresses.  The more skin that shows, the taller you’ll look.  Also, the more of all one color, like black, the taller you’ll look.  With all black leggings and these black shoes, your legs will look super long.  Even the right harem pant or cropped trouser, they’d be great.  By cropped, I mean, the hem should be slim around the ankle and should be less than 2 inches to the top of the bootie.  If you had to roll your pants a little, depending on the hem of the pant, that might look cute too.  I’ll cover colored booties soon too, so watch for that post.  Until then, buy these booties from Nordstrom before they’re gone!  Super cute!
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