How To Wear: A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are all the rage these days and adding one to your wardrobe for fall/winter should be at the top of your list.  This first one on the left is Free People on (click the pic to take you there!)  It’s actually faux leather, but still looks great, and only $168!  Leather jackets are so versatile, but still so fashionable…and they can be timeless, if you pick the right one.  Don’t fret.  I’ll help you with that part.

1. The style of leather jacket that is most “in” right now, is a cropped one.  It hits right at your hip line.  Nothing much shorter, nothing much longer.  UNLESS, it’s a leather trench, which would be quite fabulous.  Right now we are sticking with the cropped one, though, because you can wear it in the most seasons.

2. Pick a color that goes with a lot of your clothes…for me, that’s black. (Or a white one would be awesome!!  Or red!  Or cream!…ok sorry, I’ll stop.  Can you tell I love leather jackets?)

3. Make sure it is flattering.  It should curve just a bit at your waist so that if you wear it undone, you still see that you have one.  A waist.  You have one.  Show it.

Here are some that I love!  We’ve got the asymmetrical ones…

(Click on the pictures to take you straight to buy them!)

We’ve got the moto jackets…

Then we’ve got just the basic jacket…

(Click on the pictures to take to straight to buy them!  All from

I love the mix of leather sleeves with the wool on these last few.  Super chic and trendy, trendy in the good way.

The reason leather jackets are great, is because you can wear them with almost anything!

-Over dresses

-With pants/shorts and a flowy top

-With a skirt and a tucked in top

-Causally OR dressed up

The possibilities are endless…which is why you need one in your wardrobe today.  It adds an instant level of class and sophistication.  Just remember my tips when shopping…or just buy one of these that I already picked out!  Easy as that!

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