How To Wear: Black Leather Trimmed Leggings

Leggings have been quite popular for some time.  Now add LEATHER.  This amazing detail, when in the right places, can be perfection.  Here are a few ways to wear them from DKNY.  I love them with heels.  They look best with pointy toed pumps (round toes don’t give the same effect).

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Or you can wear them with the wedge sneakers or even basic Chuck Taylor type.  If the legging is all black, an all black shoe is going to make your legs look longer, so remember that.  Any other color or break of skin is going to make you look slightly shorter.  Also, don’t wear anything on top that is too short or too tight.  You’ll look like you’re headed for the gym.  Leggings look best with flowy long tops that cover most of your behind.  Notice how every top is long with these leggings.  That is the way to do it.  I LOVE this third look with the oversized sweater and the leggings with the leather to the knee.  Uhhhmazing.  That would be my styling of choice, but all of these are great looks! And great leggings!  Seriously, check DKNY out.  I love so much of her stuff right now!

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