How To Wear: A Maxi Skirt

Soooo, yes there are specific ways to wear a maxi skirt. Here are some things to remember.

-Maxi skirts that are a stretchy cotton, long to the ground, no slits – they are only casual looks.

-Maxi skirts that are sheer, have a high slit (along the front on one leg or both legs), and/or a silk chiffon fabric – can be dressed up.

I’m a fan of solid colors, pleats, slits, and some of the sheer skirts with the minis underneath. Here is one of my favorites from Forever 21 actually, on the left. (I usually don’t buy clothes from Forever 21 because I like to invest in pieces that last for a long time, even after washes, but every once and a while…the price is just too right for a cute trendy piece!)  I love its length with these strappy black sandals.  This length is just right to make it more high fashion. (Click the pic to take you to the site! Only $24.80!)  I think it’d be perfect with a more fitted crop top, or a tucked in tank top.  It has a little bit of faux leather detail that gives in a little edge, but still a very feminine shape that can be easily dressed up or dressed down.

Here’s another one that I like, just plain and simple, but I like that it’s paired with an oversized sweater.  This one is from Joie, who I love! (You can also click on this picture to take you straight to the site.)  I can see this skirt dressed up with a peplum top too.  Anything that gives you more volume up top would look good.  It might look best to show more of your arms, since you’d  be so covered up on the bottom half of your body.  This is another good tip to remember.  If you are uncovered up top (tank, strapless, sleeveless) be more covered up on the bottom (pants, long skirt, to the knee skirt)…and vice versa.  If you are showing a lot of leg, wear a long sleeve shirt.  It gives you more balance, sophistication, and class.

Ok, we’ve covered the black maxis.  Now, on to color.  I personally, am not a fan of a print on a maxi skirt. I think they look really young, kind of “I’m live on a prairie”, and just not sophisticated. I know there are exceptions, but generally, that is the case.  I do love a good solid bold color maxi though.  Here are few that I love.


Ted Baker These are both beautiful skirts. The one on the left is DKNY (DKNY free shipping over $250). I love the color. I love how it’s styled…very laid back, with chucks, and a graphic tee. The one on the right is Ted Baker (Ted I love the paneling and the pleating in this one. Both skirts can have a slimmer shirt tucked in, a oversized shirt or sweater left out, or a crop top.


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