How To Wear: Knee High Boots (What NOT To Do)

Tall, to the knee, boots have been around for quite some time and I’ve seen everyone wearing these.  I absolutely love these!  Buckles are very in right now.  These ones also have a stretchy material on the back like the Stuart Weitzman 50/50.  Super chic.  You also don’t have to worry about your calf being too small for the boot!

Anyway, the styles have changed a bit with the seasons and some are definitely more current than others.  I have to be honest, I’ve seen some disasters.  A few small things to remember…in other words, do not commit these boot sins!

1. Do not tuck your baggy jeans into your knee high boots.  No!  If you are going to tuck your jeans into your boots, then make sure they are skinny jeans.  They should be tight, at the knee especially.  You should be able to see down into your boot a little when looking down. No baggy jeans!  Actually, only the more casual boots like these below, can be worn with jeans theses days.  When they have a slightly western feel, jeans are ok.  But when they are a sleeker leather, wear them with black leggings.  You’ll look “chic”est that way!  Here are some examples…

Ok to wear jeans with: (All from…click on the pictures to take you straight to the site)

2. Don’t tuck anything into pointy toe dressy knee high boots!  Don’t tuck anything into them.  No jeans, no leggings.  These are meant to be worn with flowy dresses or skirts.  If you wear these boots with a slim silhouette or a tight dress, you’ll look a little…how do I put it nicely…um, lady of the nightish?  No offense to anyone, just DON’T tuck anything into them, ok?  Get it?  Ok, good.

I just want you to look good wearing boots.  Now with my tips, you will, and I’m so happy.

3. Fuzzy or furry boots =  Snow must be on the ground!  You know those boots that rhyme with Bugg??  Yeah, don’t wear those unless snow is on the ground.  That goes for any boot with fur or fuzzy or wool or anything that’s meant to keep you warmer.  Snow, snow, snow.

Save these boots for the Sundance Film Festival, ok?  (All from…click the pics to take there!)

Ok, I think you have enough there to get you started!  Good luck, but you don’t need it, you’ll look fabulous!  Happy shopping!  Remember, if you have any other questions, feel free to leave comments or write me on the Contact Page!  Muah!

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