How To Wear: A Scarf

Believe it or not, this is the most googled “How To Wear”.  Good thing that I’m here to answer your question.  Here are some of my favorite scarves and ways to wear them.  I love a lighter weight fabric scarf, that’s big.  One that you can wrap many different ways, i.e. wrap around the neck, as a shawl, or as a blanket in an airplane.

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These ones from are perfect for that.  To tie the one on the left you grab all of the scarf in the very middle, then wrap it around your neck and pull the one side through the loop.  To tie the one on the right, you just put the whole scarf around your neck, pull the right side a little bit and wrap it around one more time, then pull it out to desired loop.

I usually only wear scarves when it’s cold outside, with jackets.  You can also wear smaller scarves with summer outfits, just as an accessory and not just for warmth!  These are the types of scarves you want to use for that.

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Both of these ones are wispy and light, perfect for a summery outfit.  These are actually both tied just the same as the first right one shown above.  The skull scarf is a square scarf, so it has that cool corner effect that hangs out.  With it being square, it gives it a cool feel, also more of a summery feel than the long wrap scarf.  Both are cute though!  If you have other scarf questions, comment below and I’ll answer your questions. 🙂

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