How To Wear: Wedge Sneakers

Wedge sneakers.  Wedge sneakers. Wedge sneakers. Wedge sneakers are the newest addition to the sneaker family.  Why they are the GREATEST addition to the sneaker family – they are heels, so they give you height and help your posture, but they are superrrrrrrr comfortable.  They also aren’t obvious to all that they are a heel.  A lot of them just look like high tops.  They are super versatile too.  Sometimes I like to be comfortable, but I don’t like wearing sneakers…I just don’t feel feminine enough in them.  Needless to say, these fix that problem!  I love it!  These first ones are DNKY (click on the picture to take you there, only $175). DKNY has some amazing ones right now!

There are also some super affordable ones too, from Forever 21!  (Click on the pictures to take you to buy them! Left to right: Modernist – $39.80, Throwback Wedges – $32.80, Standout $32.80)

These ones below are all from (left to right: Madden Girl Hickorry – $57, Jellypop – $75, Blowfish Topanga – $64)

So for what to wear with them…

Black ones are easy to wear with black skinny jeans, regular skinny jeans, or leggings, a long top or oversized sweater, add a few bangles and go!

The white/red/blue/silver ones are a little more complicated.  If I were you, the more detailed the sneaker, the less busy I would make the rest of my outfit.  Let your shoes be the statement piece.  Check out my outfit…I’ll be adding additional outfit ideas soon…


Higher Budget: (Sweater – Vince – $335, Leggings – Helmut Lang – $275) Sneakers – DKNY – $295)

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