How To Wear A Shirt Dress

I was recently shopping in Denver, CO of all places and found the cutest shirt dress ever!  I obviously realized that I needed to write a post about them stat!  They are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe because they are not only very versatile, they are so easy to wear!  Here are some really cute ones I found online for you.  The links below will take you straight to the site (if you find the urge you want to buy one).  Here is how to wear a shirt dress…


Shirt DressShirt DressShirt Dress

(From left to right:

Nordstrom – Wayf Button Front Woven Shirt Dress
Nordstrom – Equipment ‘Slim Signature’ Silk Shirtdress Black
Nordstrom – Equipment ‘Slim Signature’ Silk Shirtdress Green)

Here are some TIPS for you to help you pick out the right one for you…

How To Wear A Shirt Dress:

1. Should fit in the shoulders –

  • The shirt dress should fit in the shoulders and bust line like a normal button up shirt should.  It should not pull in any way and should have enough room for you to move around comfortably.

2. Length –

  • The length of your shirt dress could be anywhere from a few inches above your knee to slightly below your knee.
  • If it’s any longer than that, with the way the shirt dress is so open at the bottom, it can make you look either shorter than you really are and/or cut your proportions into something weird.  Full length would be ok, but then it wouldn’t really be considered a shirt dress.

3. Sleeves –

  • Shirt dresses can be sleeveless, short sleeved, or long sleeved.  Like I’ve mentioned in other posts, if your arms are bare, cover up more of your legs.  If your arms are covered, show more leg.  It’s a good rule to remember to look your classiest!
  • For example, the shirt dress I bought was sleeveless, so it’s on the long side of the length I mentioned.  It think it gives off the right proportions and also still remains classy.

4.  Tie one on –

  • It’s just my opinion, but I think tying something around your waist with a shirt dress is super cute and super chic.
  • For example, with my solid blue shirt dress, I’ve tied a plaid button up shirt around my waist.  You could also use a fashionable sweatshirt or light sweater…both super cute!

5.  Dress up or dress down –

  • Tying something around your waist is a little more casual, but they can also be dressed up!  With dressier heels and some jewelry, they can easily be on the dressy side.


Here are some more cute ones!

Shirt DressShirt DressShirt Dress

(From left to right:

Nordstrom – Topshop Leaf Print Shirtdress
Nordstrom – Sam Edelman Drop Waist Shirtdress
Nordstrom – Diane von Furstenberg ‘Scarlet’ Cotton Blend Shirtdress)

Shirt DressShirt DressShirt Dress

(From left to right:

Nordstrom – NIC+ZOE ‘Blue Dawn’ Chambray Tunic Shirtdress Dark Blue
Nordstrom – NIC+ZOE ‘Blue Dawn’ Chambray Tunic Shirtdress Light Blue
Nordstrom – Burberry Brit Roll Sleeve Wrap Front Shirtdress)

There are SO many more cute ones from, be sure to check them out!!

Here are a few examples of proportions that DON’T work:


This one looks too short for her, right?  It needs to be just a little bit longer.  Also if it had sleeves, it would look better.

(Nordstrom – Joie ‘Nila’ Drop Waist Silk Dress)




This one is cute and also has longer sleeves, but it still looks too short for her. What happens when she sits down?!

(Nordstrom – Treasure & Bond Stripe Shirtdress)




I know I’ve given you lots of options and some good tips!  I know you’ll be looking great!!!

XOXO, Allie

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