How To Wear: A Graphic Tank

Sooo yesss, haven’t we all wanted to be one of those girls that’s got the perfect beachy blonde waves, sun kissed skin, and darling graphic tank tucked into their denim cut off shorts?

This is the picture I get in my head when someone says, Graphic Tank.  This isn’t the only way to wear them of course…just one of the many options.  I found a bunch from Amuse Society that I LOVE!  Like the one featured here…called the Iconic Tank. (It comes in a bunch of neutral colors too!)

Ok so here are my TIPS for wearing a Graphic Tank:

1. Length:

  • Cropped – You can wear a cropped graphic tank.  It would be great with high waisted jeans or jean shorts.
  • Long – If the hem is at the widest part of your hips, tuck the front of the shirt into your pants just slightly.  It will show off your waist more and be more flattering.
  • Regular – When it’s a normal length, you can still tuck it in, if you want…or you can leave it out.  It’s going to look best when it’s a little oversized both ways.  The graphic tank shouldn’t be fitted, unless cropped, which brings me to my next tip…

2. Size:

  • The tank will be better oversized…just slightly oversized.  It’s going to give the right “laid back” look you want with a graphic tee.  The ONLY way it should be worn fitted is if it’s cropped.  Otherwise you’ll look a little dated…not like you’ve been on lots of dates…dated, like from the 90s.  Not really what we’re going for, right?

3. Color:

  • Because graphic tanks are usually busy in the graphic that’s on them, it will look more chic to keep the actual color of the tank a neutral one…like white, grey, black, tan, or ivory.  This way you’ll be able to layer easily if you want and it will match more things that are in your closet already.

Ok, here are a few of my favs from Amuse Society:

Graphic TankGraphic TankGraphic Tank
Beach Vida Muscle Tank               Mantra Tank              Stoked And Amused Muscle Tank

They have so many more cute ones!  Check them all out!  Any of these would be super cute with swim wear, denim shorts, a mini skirt, or even just your favorite pair of jeans.  Hope this helps!

XOXO, Allie

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