How To Wear: Jumpers

Ok, so Jumpers are a perfect addition to your Spring and Summer wardrobe.  They are feminine and fashionable and perfectly flirty. Parker NY has some of the cutest ones around right now, like the one in the featured image here.  So cute!!

Here are the TIPS for wearing a jumper:

1. Proportion:

  • The waist should fit a little bit below your belly button and not any higher so that when you turn around you don’t have “mom butt”.  You know, that SNL skit “Mom Jeans”, google it.  Hilarious, to watch, but NOT hilarious be a member of that club.  Your “behind” should not be 2 ft long.  Think of how it would look in a great pair of jeans.  It should be close to that proportion, from top to bottom.

2. Length:

  • The length of the body should be long enough that you don’t see any definition in the body parts that should remain hidden (you know what I mean, right?!) and short enough that you don’t look like you’re sagging.  This is very important.

3. Size:

  • A lot of the time, I have to go a size up in a Jumper.  Most of them are designed to fit with just enough space to feel comfortable and to easily glide on your body.  They should NOT be fitted in any area, with ONE exception, and that’s your waist (ok, TWO exceptions, and the second is a corset top like the middle one below, corsets can be fitted).  When your waist is defined, you’ll look your best…and when you look your best, you feel your best, you feel me?

Ok, now check out my favorites from Parker NY:

jumpers jumpersjumpers

All Parker NY  left to right:

Kimora JumperSutton JumperPrescott Combo Jumper

Follow these simple tips and you’ll look great!!

Xoxo, Allie

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