How To Wear: An Evening Gown…Inspired by the Golden Globes

I couldn’t help it, I just couldn’t help it!  I LOVE watching the red carpets of Award Season.  Seeing all the new gowns and who is wearing who is fascinating to me, so I needed to write a post on it, ok?  I wanted to give you some good suggestions for a black tie event you might be invited to…or one you may have in the future.

To start it off, you definitely want to choose the right dress for your body type.  You want to pick a dress that shows off your waist, gives you the right proportions and one that is the right color for your skin tone.  All of these are important for choosing the best one!  I promise, follow these rules and you will be able to choose the most flattering one for sure.

Here are some options for different body types…

Straight up and down:

It helps if you find a dress that gives the illusion that you have a waist that is smaller than your shoulders/hips.  Pick a dress that has a waist band built into the dress…
These both draw attention to your waist and pull you in.  They’ll give you a more defined waist and make you look amazing!  These both would look better with a smaller chest.  You don’t want anything to be hanging out.


V-neck lines and sweetheart necklines are the best options for curvy and voluptuous women.  They’ll excentuate your waist and give you just the right amount of sexy cleavage.  Think Sofia Vergara…

More Mature Dresses:

Some women like to have their arms covered.  These dresses are still sexy but show just enough skin.  This first one has sheer sleeves and is gorgeous.

I hope this gives you some tips and options for your special event!  Don’t hesitate to ask me any other questions you may have!


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