How To Wear: Printed Leggings?


Printed leggings are for the bold and the brave…and more power to them!  I’m here to show you how to wear these printed leggings, but how to do it by remaining classy, chic, and ahead of the trend – definitely not behind it.  Because these leggings are so bold, you want them to be the only statement piece in your outfit.  Actually, I take that back, you can actually get away with a whole outfit full of prints, BUT it is very rare and harder to pull off.  So, we are going to start with the basics here.

The ones that are easiest to wear have a base color of black.  The reason for this is because you won’t have big problems with what shoes to wear.  If your legs are mostly black, it’ll be perfect to wear black shoes/booties…and your proportions won’t be off…which will make your legs will look as long and skinny as possible!   Which is what you want, right?  Say yes.  Here are some examples:

(Click on the pictures to take you straight to buy them! )
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The first ones are Jean Paul Gaultier, LOVE!  The second are Hue, also LOVE (only $44!).  The third are UHHMAZZING.  Can you say Alexander McQueen?  Exquisite.  All would look great with an oversized sweater and boots or heels.  The top you wear with them should be long.  It should come down to at least the top of your leg.

Also, remember, prints on a pant are going to make your legs look bigger than they are, no matter what.  Just pick a print wisely.  Also, I hate to bring it up, but some are more age appropriate than others.  I’m going to generalize this and tell you that the younger you are, the crazier the print you can get away with…BUT there are always exceptions.  If an outfit is the right one (classy, chic, just enough of everything) any age can wear it.  Printed leggings are all about being bold, though!  So if you can pull off those tiger print leggings, go for it!

Here’s an outfit I would put together:  (click on the pictures to take you straight to buy them!)
RVN Geo Jacquard Textured Leggings in Black & White

I wanted to show a boot and a heel that you could wear with these.  I love these leggings.  Super ahead of the trends, classy, chic, and they look expensive.  Definitely buy them!  Click on these pics to take you straight to buy all the items, most of them from, the leggings by Revolve.


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