How To Wear: Western Inspired Booties

Western Booties are the ones that are cowboy boot inspired.  They have a similar heel to a cowboy boot, a slightly pointed toe, and usually the pull tabs like real cowboy boots have.  They are everywhere these days, but in a good way.  I love them because they are perfect for lots of everyday outfits and give you just enough of a heel to give you better posture, but not enough for your feet to hurt later in the day.  They are definitely a perfect balance when you work retail or are on your feet all day at work.

These ones are Jeffrey Campbell (Buy them here…Free shipping On Orders Over $75.00 at and they are great because these would be easy to dress up and dress down.  I love these with leggings, skirts, skinny jeans, maybe even boyfriend jeans rolled up.  These also come in a few other colors.  Click the picture to take you straight to the site.  The other colors are a little more casual because of the way the leather is treated, but also super stylish.



These next ones are Catarina Martins (you can also click the picture to take you to buy these).  Although these are more of a literal cowboy boot, I love them so much.  The details are not overdone and just the right amount of rustic to them to make them super stylish.  These would stay on the casual side, but would be great with leggings and skinny jeans (roll or cuff the hems if you need to), with an oversized top or sweater.  I seriously want these right now!  They are great!




Things to avoid when wearing these: baggy jeans that would cover the whole shoe (these were meant to be seen!), any skirt longer than your knee (that will make you look really short – keep proportions in mind), jeans tucked in to the top of the boot (no, no, and no), dress pants, anything else cowboy inspired (unless you are intentionally trying to look like you came from the barn).  You can always put your own twist on it though, that’s what style is about, right??  Thanks for reading, as always.  If you have questions or topics you want me to cover, feel free to comment or send me a message!  Muah!

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